Dear Grandmother

Dear Grandmother, I don’t even know where to start. I meant to tell you all this while you were still living. But I waited too long, and now you’re gone. I wanted to say how much you meant to me.   I tried to remember if you ever hugged me… I’m sure you did when [...]

I Give Up

The ants go marching, one by one, Across my kitchen floor, My little one stops to suck his thumb, And then he starts to roar. ” Come, Mommy! Something's getting me!” Another small voice begs, Oh no! The tiny terrors Are marching up her leg! Let tiny monsters wreck my home? No thanks! I have [...]

Poetry Challenge

This is a little different from my usual posts. I have been thinking about doing this for awhile, and now I think I've overcome my fear of no one responding, and I'm here to stick my neck out. Because if no one participates, big deal. I will just call it a fail, and roll on. [...]

Thoughts on ”Mommy-hood”

Becoming a Mommy... one of the top three best things that have happened in my life. It's such a high honor, and an incredible blessing, but sometimes I take it for granted. I get lost in the every-day-ness, the repetition, and I start to see it as a job. One that is bigger than me [...]

True Story… Part Three

I called the jail repeatedly the next day, but Corporal C. was not working and no one else would call me back. I had no clue what was going on, until evening, when I received a text from Tyler, saying Cory had been transferred to Western State Hospital, just 20 minutes from our house! God [...]

True Story…Part 2

The next few days are blurry in my memory. I remember feeling numb, as if I were dreaming, yet knowing that it was definitely real. My thoughts, my fears, my prayers, all seemed to run together and swirl around in my head. Why? Why my Cory? What if he never gets better? What is even [...]

A True Story… Part 1

The clock struck midnight. My phone began to buzz. Finally a call from the police? No, just a volley of text messages. "Happy New Year!" "Blessings in 2016!" "Happy New Year!" "Happy New Year!" "Right, looks like we're off to a great start" was all I could think, as I numbly laid down the phone [...]

Daily Bread Difficulties

Good morning, Lord. Thank You for this day. Thank You for the lovely rain that's soaking my newly transplanted peonies and hostas, and also my vegetables in the garden. Thank You for... (Oh, just a second, Lord, it sounds like Sonny boy is awake. OK, I'm back) -as I was saying, thanks for this hot cup [...]