Answering Your Homeschool Questions, Part 1

First, a quick note: This might be temporarily turning into a homeschool blog. You can laugh, but I’ve been in the process of unofficially “diagnosing”myself with ADHD. I watched some YouTube videos of how adults with ADHD behave. It’s me to a T. Having said that, one of the characteristics of ADHD is hyper-focus. We [...]

Life Update

Well, I originally started this post with some poetic jabber about how October had dashed away in her colorful splendor, and November slid quietly in again, dressed in her usual drab brownish-gray… But now it’s almost a month later and we’re not going to talk about December’s clothes, so here goes another life update, brought [...]

Four Weeks of Elizabeth Joy

She looked so tiny when we brought her home ❤️ I wasn’t sure how she was going to hold her own against 3 energetic siblings. I needn’t have worried. She is so loved by everyone here. Some are more gentle than others, but she’s not had any sibling inflicted injuries. Yet. She peacefully sleeps through [...]

Introducing Baby!

In the spring we found out she was on the way. “Finally something good this year!” said her Papa, who had been feeling really bummed out with the ups and downs of raising turkeys, (mostly down,) and the ins and outs of life during a “pandemic”…(mostly in.) News of a little baby to love was [...]

Fall Update

And just like that, summer is gone. Gone by in a blur, leaving us wondering where it went. We didn’t get all the things done that we hoped, and we didn’t go swimming even once. It was a short summer in some ways, but in other ways a long one. A summer of changes happening [...]

Taming The Tongue

(No, I don’t have it figured out.) I think I’m a slow learner. Something I have realized about myself is that I don’t retain the things I read or hear, on the first exposure. I often have to ask a person’s name repeatedly, before I can process it and connect the name and face. And [...]

The Master’s Pruning Shears

One of the loveliest plants I know Is a beautiful thriving rose From the blossoms on the thorny stems To the fragrance, that from them flows. But did you ever pass through the garden drear, In the bleakness of early spring And noticed those poor rose bushes Such depressingly ugly things! There isn’t a trace [...]