If We Are The Body

I was driving to town the other day when a song came up in my playlist, and it stomped all over my toes again, just like it always does: "If we are the body, Why aren't His arms reaching, Why aren't His hands healing, Why aren't His words teaching? If we are the body, Why [...]

Welcome, Little One

Look who came to stay at our house! Our little lady was born September 28, in the middle of a thunderstorm. She weighed 7 lb 14 oz, measured 19 inches long, and she's doing great! Cory named her Ruth Allison, after his grandmothers, Ruth and Alice. The children are already calling her Ruthie, so I [...]

It’s Been Awhile…

I realized this morning that I'm just not writing anymore. I trust that will change again soon, but right now I'm sufficiently occupied, and then some. 🙂 With the gardening /canning season in full swing, and the farm to keep up with, plus mowing grass, doing laundry, looking after my little ones, and more, there's [...]

My Thoughts on Ministry

Recently I've been thinking a lot about ministry. I think of it more often than I used to, since I have children . How can a failing human like me, be the kind of example that my children need? What do my children see in my life, that would make them want to turn to [...]

Mothers Day Thoughts

Disclaimer: I don’t know how to fix the issue with this post, so please don’t mind all the sideways scrolling that is required:( It’s Mother’s Day and I’m over here feeling all the feelings. We make a big deal over honoring our mothers on this one day per year. Flowers are bought, fancy dinners are [...]

Three Years Old

Some say she looks like Papa, Some insist she's just like me, I say she looks like no one else, She's just herself, you see. If you would chance to meet her, I think that she would say, "I'm Anna G'ace, an' I am three! Today is my birfday!"

“Writer’s Block”

There are words long and short, simple words and complex, Words starting with "W", words ending in "X." Cheerful words: "yellow" and "daisy," boring words like "phone," Silly words, like "flabbergasted," sad words like "alone." Certain words, like "fate" or "taxes," final words like "death" Spooky words that make you shiver, take away your breath. [...]

Mommy Learns the Hard Way

"Mommy Knice'y Decter! No, no, no! We do not do that! What is your little deal?" As I stood in front of the fridge, still trying to process what had just happened, Anna Grace stood by, glaring, indignant. Little hands on her hips, she watched as I picked up the shards of glass, and wiped up [...]

Life Update/ Random Rambling

Hi Everyone, I guess it's been awhile since I have written anything. Well, I've written some, but haven't finished anything. But I wanted to just give you all a life update of sorts, and maybe explain my absence. First of all, it's the holiday season. This time of year, dull moments are rare to nonexistent. [...]