Celebrating Ruth: One Year of Pictures

This girl is really one year old today! I can’t believe how her first year has flown!
Seems like just a few months since she came to live with us. But she has grown so quickly into an “almost toddler.”
One month went flying by.
Then two months
Then three
Four months
Five months.
A half year old!
Seven months.
Eight months,
Ten months
11 months
One whole year of our sweet Ruth Allison. We love her so much.

Ruthie loves life. She loves music, loves her siblings, loves her Papa, but prefers her mama. 😉 She is our chatterbox, our picky eater, our mess maker, our funny, chubby, precious little pumpkin. We think she’s the perfect addition to our family, and don’t know what we’d do without her, and her bright little toothy smile.

Happy birthday, Miss Ruthie! ❤️

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