2020 in Pictures

In January. Baby Layla was born. Miss Ruth is going to have such fun growing up with a cousin so near her age.
We got my “little sister” married off to one of our good friends. I’m sure I’m biased, but what a gorgeous little bride… what a precious couple.
Anna Grace was thrilled to be a program attendant.
February… not much happened except these babies just kept growing. ❤️
March… my dear friend Marybeth came and spent my birthday with me. It was such a special day.
I got this shot on a lovely Sunday afternoon in March. I’m so glad for my little girls that they get to be sisters. I pray they will grow to cherish that relationship more and more.
Windy April days…
Anna Grace turned 4 years old.
She’s such a sunbeam in our home.
May.. because of COVID-19, only gatherings of 10 of fewer people were allowed. Hence some very special Sunday services at home.
This guy had a birthday. I wasn’t able to throw him a proper party, but I had a small one and I guess he turned 30 anyway. 🙂
We all gathered to see my parents off on their western trip.
We went camping with my siblings in June. Missed our parents but it was still a lovely time. This is my favorite picture 😍

Love these dear sisters of mine.
July brought my parents back home from the West. We had a low country boil to celebrate their safe return.
This was a July sunset that I thought was especially splendid. God is so amazing.
August… my Granddaddy had a small family auction. It was a bittersweet day, but it’s always special to be with all the cousins again.
We mostly had nice weather, but it rained at the very end.
September. This picture can’t begin to say how special this evening was. Thanks to my mother in law for babysitting, so I could have this evening of food and coffee and celebrating birthdays with my dear friends. It was much needed, and much enjoyed.
Another birthday we celebrated in September.
October found me on a plane! For the very first time, but hopefully not the last. My dear friend Em was a wonderful travel pal.
I don’t have words for the way I felt, being free of farm/mom responsibility for a few days, and just BEING WITH THESE TWO AGAIN!!! ❤️
We made sushi. And tried to take the perfect picture of it.
And then after just a few short days, we hugged and tried not to cry, and left our dear Sharon and the north woods, to head south again. It’s always good to get home again, but those few days of relaxing and catching up were so short, I find myself wondering how soon we can possibly make the trip again.
November. Thanksgiving time.
So very much to be thankful for.
In December we butchered pigs with our good friends Gabe and Elizabeth. We had lots of help from our family and friends. It was so appreciated.
It was our first time butchering at our house, and while it went really well, I have a new appreciation for my mother and how exhausted she must have been after butcher days for years and years. It’s a lot of work getting all the stuff out, and then after a big busy day of being on your feet, you have to put it all away again. Don’t I sound pathetic? 😅 And what if I told you that some of it is still not properly put away? 😬
Christmas time is one of my favorite times. Spending time with family and thinking about the greatest Gift ever given… we are so thankful and blessed.

So there’s our year in pictures. I hope to find time to do more writing soon, but this will do for now. God has been good in 2020 and my prediction is He will be the same in 2021.

‘Til next time, be blessed.

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