Book Giveaway: Anything But Simple

The blogging world has been a blessing to me in the months that I've been a part of it. One of the highlights has been making new friends, people who I've never met, and who I don't know except through their writing.

It's so enjoyable to read the writings of these people, and as they share more and more of themselves, their personal stories and struggles, I begin to feel a kinship with them, and feel inspired to honestly share from my own experiences.

One of the friends I've made,(although I've not yet gotten to meet her,) is a lady by the name of Lucinda Miller. I love reading her blog, "Properties of Light." You can check it out here. And now, not only is she a talented writer, she is also the author of a book, called Anything But Simple.

I have always thought it would be fun to write a book but rather doubt that will ever be reality for me. However, it surely doesn't hurt to dream; and it's truly a joy to see others' dreams come true.

Anything But Simple is, I think the most honest, open look at "the Mennonite life" I've ever read. No sign here of the typical glossy, sugar-coated painting of the Mennonites as living perfect lives, in some perfect world, where Dad and Mom grew up perfect, and they (in perfect people fashion,) raise up their perfect children.

Neither will you find the other extreme, where Mennonites are depicted as ALL being corrupt and shady, where every father is abusive, every husband unfaithful, and every teenager a rebellious drunk.

Instead, Lucinda tells it like it is. News flash: Mennonites are just like other people- human! I wanted to say we are just normal people; but as "normal" is relative to opinion, "human"seems to me, a more accurate description. Sure, being Mennonite sets us apart from others in a visible way, and yes, we have our guidelines as a "guard rail" to help us stay on the right path; but just being Mennonite does not in any way diminish our humanity or our struggles.

The thing I admired most about this book, is her open, honest way of relating her own experiences and sometimes failings. I am not a shy person, but it would take a lot of bravery for even me to open up and share some of the experiences, doubts, and feelings that she has shared.

So, why all this talk about the book? Because I would love for you to read it too! If you leave your name AND EMAIL! in the comments, you will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of Anything But Simple for yourself!

Due to the cost of shipping, Lucinda only ships in the US, so only those with a US address are eligible to enter. If you would like your name entered twice, share this giveaway on social media and mention that you did so, in your entry.

You may not agree with everything you read in this book. You may not identify with the feelings, the doubting, the struggles, that Luci so transparently shares. But no matter who you are, I believe you will be blessed by the warmth and humanity that radiates from these pages. If you would like to purchase this book, its available on Amazon and MennoMedia.

This giveaway ends a week and a half from now, Monday, September 18 at 8:00 pm, EST, so get your entry in before then! I will announce the winner the following day.

Best of luck!

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