Anna Grace Turns Two

We don’t know where all the time went since she first came screaming into the world, but our little sweetheart is celebrating her second birthday today!

Life with her has been an adventure, and we wouldn’t know what to do without her. Her sunshiny smile and contagious giggle is enough to make anyone’s day, and hearing her little voice call us Papa and Mama is such joy.

It’s been interesting watching her develop her own little personality, and oh what fun to see her take after her parents in various traits. She is quite the talker; you could say she gets that honestly from both of us. πŸ™Š

It’s hard to explain how she is both a girly-girl and yet 100% farm girl. Or how she is completely fearless when it comes to falling, and other dangerous things, but is terribly afraid of stink bugs, and clocks that go “ding-dong” in the night. She is rough and careless when she plays with her dolls and sometimes the same with her brother. Other times, she smooths his hair and kisses his forehead when he cries. “Shhh, don’t cry, Ol’ver! Be ‘appy!”

She loves clothes, especially hats, and likes to choose her outfits and mine when we go away. Usually neither of us end up wearing the outfit she chooses; here’s why. ⬇️ πŸ˜‚

She’s learning things that two-year-olds need to know, like when to say “please” and “thanks” and “excuse me” and “I’m sorry” -and she can almost count to ten! (“one, two, free, four, fize, six, seven, nine, TENNN!!!!”) that 8 eludes her every time, no matter how often Mommy goes over her numbers with her. Also, she needs a bit of pronoun practice… she says “Mom, I want to hold you!” and “Thank you so much for changing your diaper, Mommy!”

She loves singing, and being sung to. At night time, she often requests “Jesuh Bible” (Jesus Loves Me) and also “Jesuh Chillen” (Jesus Loves the Little Children.) She hasn’t mastered carrying a tune yet, but she sings anyway, and throws her Mama off key with her not-very-melodious chirping. Hopefully her Papa’s singing will rub off on her.

Anna Grace’s voice, (we’re not sure where it came from, his side or mine,) but it could be compared to a trumpet. I mentioned she arrived screaming, and let’s just say the volume knob is broken and she’s stuck on high.

She has imaginary conversations on the pink toy phone her “Aunt” Cynthia gave her, (pictured above) and they are almost always at the top of her voice. “HI PAPA!” she yells. “WHERE ARE YOU? HUH? COME HOME AND EAT SUMPIN!”

Sometimes the volume issues are just plain frustrating, like when Papa is sleeping or on the phone, but other times, I end up laughing til tears run. A few weeks ago I heard her beating on the bathroom door: “PAPA! CORY DEXTER!!! PAPA!” From the other side of the door, Cory quietly asked her why she was yelling, to which she (still yelling) replied: “UMM, BECAUSE!!!”

She pretty much says anything now, a little parrot; helping mommy to be more conscious of her words. She has me rethinking some of my exclamations and figures of speech that aren’t really “bad” but just really don’t sound the same, coming out of her little mouth.

She loves her Papa so much, and I just love watching them together. Recently she started blowing kisses to him every time he leaves.

Now is an extremely busy time of year for him with his litter trucking business, and this past week he ended up staying awake almost 48 hours driving his spreader truck. Toward the end of that two days, she ran up to me and said “Mommy, I have a question. Where’s my Papa at?”

She loves baths and is fascinated by Oliver’s tub. More fascinated than I realized until last evening. She watched from her little red stool as I bathed her brother, then as I was dressing him, I accidentally blinked- and SPLASH! In she went, clothes, diaper and all! I turned around and since it was too late to stop her, and she looked so pleased with herself, I took a picture to show her when she’s a mommy and tries to tell me that her child is a mess. πŸ™‚

She loves her bunny that her “Aunt” Julie gave her, and won’t share it with anyone without a fuss. In this picture she was telling a screaming Oliver that “this is my own bunny and you not have bunny!”

I could tell you lots more stories, but I think I will save them for another time. One more picture though, this one makes me laugh. She doesn’t want to give up riding the stroller, so she straddles the front wheel. I’m not sure why she looks like she’s on a roller coaster, but the stroller is sitting still. πŸ™‚

Happy Birthday, sweet Anna Grace, I love being your mommy and I’m trying not to blink, because I know that it won’t be long till you’re all grown up and gone. Stay feisty, little one, but stay sweet, and keep making friends everywhere you go!

11 thoughts on “Anna Grace Turns Two

  1. What “little” darlings you have! πŸ™‚ I read about the bathtub experience and laughed out loud. I was 2 when my brother right under me was born (on my birthday in fact). I loved baths too, and just couldn’t bear the thought of giving up “my” little bathtub. (or so they tell me ;)) So I received one more bath from it before I had to give it up to my brother. Mom took a picture of me sitting in the tub grinning smugly at my brother. I look back at that picture and have to laugh every time. Happy Birthday to Anna Grace!!! ❀

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  2. She’s a cutie and has great style! I’m sure you already do this but if not get a notebook to write all this cute and funny stuff in. Cause I promise you will forget and there’s days down the road that you will need to dig the book out for a good laugh and fresh perspective. I’m on my second small book and we all enjoy reading it occasionally.

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