Thankfulness on a Snow Day

Well, the “I’ll write more once baby comes” idea, was definitely sprouted in the heart of a mommy who’d never had a baby and a toddler at the same time. I envisioned having so much time to write, while I rocked and fed my new cuddly little one, just like I did when Anna Grace was small.

But it turns out there are a few factors I didn’t consider, such as the fact that my toddler would react to becoming a big sister by becoming more needy and babyish, and losing all the headway we had gained in potty training.

I didn’t count on hearing “hold you both, mommy!” or “read me somethin'” every time I sat down to feed him.

I didn’t know that Oliver would be a super fast eater, or that he would actually learn to go to sleep on his own at 6 weeks old, thus requiring minimal rocking. I looked forward to rocking him for nine months, and I’m not about to give that idea up just yet, so sometimes I rock him just for fun. But if I’m rocking him for fun, why would I want to have my nose in my phone?

(Yes, I do my writing on my phone… because I’m a mommy and I generally don’t have both hands free to type. Thank you, WordPress, for your handy-dandy app.)

I say all that to say this: I’m simply not writing as much these days as I thought I would. I want to live in the moment and enjoy my babies while they are still babies, lest I should blink and find them all grown up. So as much as I love writing, it takes the back burner for now.

But right now seems like the perfect time for some writing therapy. Babies are asleep, I’m tired and it’s snowing outside. Yes. Snowing. In April. I promised God (two snows ago) that I was going to bless Him and be thankful if He chose to send more snow, so I’m trying.

The snow falling on my pretty hyacinths and daffodils seems unfortunate, but in the big picture it’s really no big deal. I have so much to be thankful for.

I’m thankful that I have the promise from God’s word, that spring will come, no matter how long or snowy the winter. “While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, shall not cease.โ€Genesis 8:22

I’m thankful for big things like Jesus and my hubby and the church, and ever so many little things. Recently I’ve been especially thankful for my little people -the joy and love, the craziness, the exasperation and the giggles they bring me- all wrapped up in two precious packages.

I’m thankful that Oliver is 3 months old now, and past the colicy stage. I now understand why some mothers have trouble cherishing that newborn stage. Each baby is so different, and this one definitely cried more in the first 3 months than his big sister. I’m a little sad to see him growing out of all his clothes so fast, but on the other hand, it’s a blessing that he’s thriving, and I’m enjoying this stage of giggles and coos as opposed to screaming and squirming.

-I’m thankful, that even though she has two failing humans as her main examples of Christianity, my Anna Grace already wants to pray to Jesus, randomly throughout the day. It gives joy to my mommy-heart, to see her little hands clasped together and hear her little voice say “Close your eyes, baby doll!” as she starts on her long list of thank-you’s. “Thank You fo’ Mama, Papa, Baby Ol’ver, Nanny, Pappy, G’anny…. and on and on, listing her Aunties, her bunny, Charlotte, and often ending with “and b’ess Shaun! Amen!” Shaun was our hired man for a few years and is still part of our family, and as we thank God for our food at meal time, we can’t forget to thank God for Shaun or her little voice pipes up. “Shaun, Papa! Thanks for Shaun!”)

I’m thankful that Anna Grace turns two this month, because I’m an optimist and I somehow believe that once she’s two, she will stop trying so hard to still be “the baby.” Some days my patience can’t handle her constant insistence on being carried, sitting in Oliver’s seat, and drinking a bottle, etc.

She would prefer to take all her naps in his car seat. Maybe when she’s two she will want to be a big girl again? Just maybe? ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m also thankful that we seem to have lost her pacifier, and she is sleeping all night without it! She has only asked for it once or twice and only stolen Oliver’s a few times.

She loves Oliver now, and tries hard to be helpful with him. If his pacifier isn’t in his mouth right now, its not because she hasn’t shoved it in, a time or 10. ๐Ÿ˜‰ She’s a good big sister. I hope some day I can say that I’m thankful in every moment, whatever comes my way. The Bible says “In everything give thanks.” Personally, I’m not there yet. But I think I’m making progress.

As for the snow, it’s still falling on my hyacinths, but it can’t stay around forever, and spring will come!

I do hope it comes soon. I don’t know how much more being inside I can handle. But for now, I’m going to keep a nice warm fire in my woodstove, and my babies close by, and even though it’s cold outside, we can have warmth and love and joy inside as we wait for spring! Having waited so long for it, when it comes, may we welcome it with extra thankful hearts!

P.S. Another thing we’re thankful for these days, is that the children have not one- but two new baby cousins!

7 thoughts on “Thankfulness on a Snow Day

  1. Oh dear! Reading this in the library isn’t smart. If I’d be at home ,Shaun would say,”Mom, why are you sniffling?”


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