O is for Oliver

O is for Oliver, sweet baby boy;
You have brightened our winter and brought us such joy.
O is for oodles of snuggles and squeezes,
And helping the nephews outnumber the nieces.

L is for love, from your parents and sister;
We can't get enough of our new little mister.
(Little you are, but not little for long,
Already you're growing, and getting so strong.)

I is for intricate fingers and toes,
And that irresistible, kissable nose.
An innocent sweetness shines from your face,
You're a gift from our God, and it's Him that we praise.

V is hard! V is vexing! But then I remember,
The varying views, as to who you resemble.
Is it Papa? Or Mama? Or Great Uncle Dale?
Or Pappy? Your cousins? Seems no one can tell…

E! This one's easy! You eat and you eat!
And it's making you so roly-poly and sweet!
E stands for ears, and little bright eyes,
God made you so perfectly- isn't He wise?

R is realizing that rest is a dream,
That's not for the moms of new babies, 'twould seem.
But no complaints here, I'm just counting my blessings,
And letting the rest of the world do the resting. -J.D.

Oliver had a photo shoot last week, and I thought I would share one of the pictures.

To see more pictures, visit my talented photographer friend Cynthia at Picturesque

P.S. I do know that "remember" doesn't rhyme with "resemble." The problem is, neither do any other words I could think of. That V verse was a struggle.

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