Do you write New Years resolutions each year? I used to. I haven't for years, though. When I started making them as a child, they were lofty and unrealistic: "Do something nice for 1000 people this year…" "Get 100% on all my math tests this year…" "Save up a lot of money and give it to St. Judes…" (You get the picture.)

Then as a teenager, they consisted mostly of things I never carried out, like keeping my room clean… and things I was way too obsessed with, like losing weight. Somewhere along the line I decided it was a waste of time and paper, so I stopped making my yearly list of resolutions. Figured I "can't break'em if I never make'em."

But this year, I decided it would be good for me to write down a super short list of resolutions and really try to keep them. I think I'm going to tape my list up someplace where I'll see it often, and maybe, just maybe I can remember my resolutions all year.

I know this post is a little late for the new year. (I have been amazed at how little writing time I've had since the mini Mr. Dexter came along.) I have carefully avoided reading anyone else's resolution posts, because I don't want my list to be influenced by anyone else's. 🙂

So here, more than a week into 2018, is my list of things I want to try to accomplish this year:

1. Read God's Word More.
This one seems to get harder and harder to do, as I get older and have more responsibilities. But some of those responsibilities, (my children) are the very reason I must prioritize more time to spend with God! How can I raise them to live for Jesus if I haven't studied His teachings? And what will inspire them to dig into the Word for themselves, if they haven't seen that example in me?

2. Positive "Gossip" Only!
I don't know about you, but for myself personally, its really easy to fall into the habit of casually passing along those not-so-positive tidbits that I've heard about someone. News flash: disguising gossip as a prayer request doesn't change the fact that it's still gossip. Growing up, Daddy used to tell us, "If you ain't got nothin' nice to say, keep your mouth shut!" And although his grammar could use some polishing, his advice is good.🙂

This year, and in the future, I really want to try not to say anything about others, that I would find offensive if it were said about one of my friends. (If you spend time with me, hold me accountable!) Instead, I pray I will form the habit of noting the positive things I see in others.

I found in my notebook, a poem I had scrawled down once, as a sermon to myself on this very subject. I will share it with you as it really goes along with this second resolution.

"Prayer Requests"
I'd like to make a prayer request tonight,
Someone we know 's not walking in the light.
Just downright sinful, far from living right,
Surely, he needs our prayers.

I heard he's not the nicest to his bride,
(And that came from someone "on the outside")
Oh, what a terr'ble light! I could'a cried!
So sad! He needs our prayers.

My neighbor saw him, 'bout a week ago,
Goin' to a place no Christian ought to go,
(How many times he's gone there, who can know?)
My, yes! He needs our prayers!

He's clearly needin' Jesus in his life.
He's always sayin' things to stir up strife,
Oh dear, I feel so sorry for his wife!
They sure do need our prayers!

We Christians have a problem, ain't it true?
If folks sin differently than what we do,
We judge, and think it's them, (not me an' you)
Who's needin' all the prayers. ~J.D. 2017

3. Organize my life
It seems to me that some people are just natural organizers. Perfectly tidy cupboards and closets, and not a speck of dirt in sight… Not this girl. Oh, I have the best of intentions! I actually love organizing, the problem is staying organized once I get it that way.

For an example, take my Tupperware cupboard… Every so often I will spend quite a bit of time getting it just so; and I even keep it that way for a while. But then without fail, late at night, someone will decide to bake a cake, or cookies. Or maybe pasta alfredo is the midnight snack of choice. Whether it's the big bowl at the bottom of the stack that they need, or the colander to drain his spaghetti, I eventually will wake up to a kitchen that looks like Tropical Storm Cory blew through.

I won't stick him with all the blame, though, because I find myself getting sloppy over time and not putting everything away as carefully as I did in the beginning. Also you may remember the picture from a previous post that showed a guilty looking little girl amidst scattered plastic containers? I think it bears re-posting.

I guess what I'm saying is that together as a family, we manage to destroy most of my organizing. And I'm determined to reverse that this year!

A new little person in the family means more stuff to store. In fact you'd be amazed at all the stuff the mini Mr. has accumulated already! Wonderfully cute and useful stuff that is greatly appreciated , but will need a home nonetheless!

As I try to establish a place for everything and to keep everything in it's place, I welcome your advice. Feel free to share your organization tips and tricks in the comments. Any good books on the subject that you'd recommend?

4. Keep my resolutions for once.
Wish me luck. 🙂

Here is a bonus picture I thought you all might enjoy. Anna Grace is deciding to like her little brother after all.


10 thoughts on “Resolutions

  1. Another post well written… Thankyou !♡

    On Jan 7, 2018 11:12 PM, “A Farm Wife’s Reflections” wrote:

    > Jeanette posted: “Do you write New Years resolutions each year? I used to. > I haven’t for years, though. When I started making them as a child, they > were lofty and unrealistic: “Do something nice for 1000 people this > year…” “Get 100% on all my math tests this year…” “S” >


  2. Hi Jeanette, I think the biggest organizing tip I have is to hate clutter bad enough to do something about it! But I’m not a good one to ask because my organizing borders on a dark phobia of my possessions taking control when I’m not looking.Therefore people in my house have been known to get upset when they barely got something out and I,not knowing they just did,whisked it back into place! I very seldom make New Years resolutions either,because I feel like every day should have a resolve to live it to the best,but this year I was going thru a very down time in my life and I came across the book,One Thousand Gifts. It was so inspiring that I decided to find 1000 things to be thankful for this year! So far it’s easier than I thought it would be. Best wishes for carrying out your resolutions. Nancy

    On Sun, Jan 7, 2018 at 11:12 PM, A Farm Wife’s Reflections wrote:

    > Jeanette posted: “Do you write New Years resolutions each year? I used to. > I haven’t for years, though. When I started making them as a child, they > were lofty and unrealistic: “Do something nice for 1000 people this > year…” “Get 100% on all my math tests this year…” “S” >


    1. Small clarification on resolution #2… I’m definitely not totally against prayer requests, in fact, I think they are biblical when made in a spirit of true caring and love. Let’s just be sure that our prayer requests aren’t just a more Christian-looking way of sharing negative information. 🙂


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