Thankful Thoughts

Happy Thanksgiving! This time of year, it seems people finally take time to give thanks to God for the things they've taken for granted all year. Or even worse, they gather with family and friends, and focus more on stuffing the turkey (and themselves,) than on the giving of thanks.

I sometimes find myself guilty of this. In fact, just today, I hosted my in-laws and we had way more than enough food to go around. I felt like we should go out and gather in some people who don't have food to spare or family to gather with, and share our blessings with them.

I had the idea a bit too late, but maybe next year!

I pray that we as Christians are a more thankful people in general, and don't save our thanksgiving for November; however, like any good American, I thought I might enjoy jotting down some of the things I'm thankful for.

So here goes, I'm thankful for:

  • Let's start with the most important, Jesus. I'm thankful that He loved me enough to die for me. 
  • Freedom to worship God. I'm thankful that thus far my country allows me to openly be a Christian, and to share Christ's love to others without fear of persecution. 
  • My family. My sweet husband who provides a comfortable life for me, and puts up with me and my humanity on a daily basis. My toddler to light up my life and keep me busy, and the little one we've not yet met. (Side note: I'm also very thankful that said little one is due to arrive in just 33 more days, as I'm not sure how much more of this waiting I can handle.) 🙏
  • My parents. I'm thankful for the Godly home I was raised in, and the example my parents showed us, in striving to live for and point their children toward the Lord. 
  • My siblings. Those people who know me best. They survived growing up with me, and miraculously still love me. 
  • My in-laws. We come from totally different backgrounds, and our views and lifestyles reflect those differences; yet in spite of all that, they love me.They have accepted the odd little woman who their son chose to marry, with her old-fashioned traditions and her old-fashioned clothes, and from day one, they  have treated her as though she were part of the family. 
  • Christian friends. Friends who accept me and love me for who I am. Friends who care about the little things and the big things in my life, and who, in their commitment to God, inspire me to live a life surrendered to Him as well.  I'm deeply thankful for their positive influence in my life. 
  • Our church. Having been at Bank Mennonite Church a little over 5 years, I have often been grateful for the wonderful church family I'm part of. Our ministry is caring and supportive, and the congregation as a whole is a blessing. At a time when we were going through really difficult stuff; we found the network of prayer, support and love to be unbelievable.
  • The "Big Church," as Hubby describes our circle of friends who aren't part of our local congregation, but certainly part of the Bride of Christ. As we interact with these friends, there is much we can learn, and much we can be thankful for.

There you have my list. These are the big things I'm thankful for, and then there are the little things. Too many of them to list; if I start, I won't know where to stop. I'll let you make your own lists of little things.      

Feel free to comment, and remind me of all the big things I've missed.  Have a wonderful weekend!

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thoughts

    1. Thank you. I honestly can take no credit; I fit in and feel like one of them because that’s how they treat me. I know it could be so different; I just happen to be blessed! 🙂


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