Joys of Fall

What is fall? According to the dictionary, fall or autumn is the season between summer and winter. But according to me, it's so much more than that!

I wrote a list of things I love about fall but there are so many! I would have you here reading for days if I were to cover them all. So I went over my list again and picked out a few of my favorite favorites.

For the record, no offense to all you pumpkin spice people… but pumpkin spice latte was nowhere on the list. Neither will I be stocking up on pumpkin spice Cheerios. "Pumpkin spice everything" is way overrated, in case you're still wondering about my opinion on that. 🙂Someone sweet and amazing may have mortified me in Walmart once by purchasing 7 boxes of pumpkin icecream, but thats him, not me. Why seven? Oh, 'cause that's all they had…

Back to fall, firstly, I like how fall makes me feel. The freshness, the coolness, the crisp-ness of fall is so energizing. It makes me want to sweep down cobwebs and dust corners and organize places that sit neglected all summer.

I love the smells of fall. The crisp delicious scent of leaves, mixed with the wood smoke curling out my chimney. The smell of pumpkin pie, cooling on the counter. The smell of spiced cider in my favorite mug. The smell of hot apple butter, bubbling away in a copper kettle over an open fire. I'm sure I've missed mentioning some. If I left out your favorite, you may share it in a comment.

I also love the colors of fall. Why is it that the sky is never so blue throughout the year as it is in October? Together with the brilliant colored leaves, orange pumpkins, cheery chrysanthemums, purple asters, and yellow goldenrod, they give the landscape a level of beauty that in my opinion, can't compare to any other season. (Maybe October is Mother Nature's way of apologizing in advance for November?)

Even the night sky looks prettier in the fall. The moon and stars seem to shine just a little bit brighter, and the little tiny clouds that go hurrying by, look like little white sheep playing around in the light of the moon.

Another autumn joy for me is the food. For instance, soup. I love soup of almost any description. Almost, I said. And while soup can be eaten any old time, its in the fall that Hubby and I start craving the good old comfort-food-feeling of a bowl of hot soup. In the past few weeks, we've had chicken chili, vegetable beef soup, cheeseburger soup, chicken soup with drop dumplings, taco soup, broccoli soup, and cheesy potato soup, hearty hamburger soup… you get it. We like soup. 🙂

This doesn't really qualify as a food I guess, but fresh cider… I mean, what is there to say? Other than "more, please!" If you live here in the valley, Showalter's Orchard's is the best. Don't even waste your money on the other brands (unless its from Onyx Hill Orchard. That's pretty comparable.)

While we are mentioning "foods" that can hardly be named as such…
candy corn. Not just any candy corn… Brachs brand. You know, made with real honey. All healthy and stuff.

No, really. I know that people either love or hate candy corn, so you probably don't all share my feelings here, (but did you ever try it with a cup of strong black coffee?) I confess to stocking up and stashing it in my freezer, right next to said pumpkin icecream, to be enjoyed til next fall. Mmmm…

There are so many foods I could name. Apple crisp, gingerbread with whipped cream, homemade jalapeno poppers made from the last remaining peppers we salvage from our gardens. (Is it the cool weather, or what, that makes them so fiery hot in the fall? I'm not sure, but bring it on. 🌶)

Oh my, now I'm hungry. Better think about something else awhile, I think I've covered my most favorite favorites anyway… just one more yet.

This year, another joy of fall is watching my little girlie enjoy it. She picks up and exclaims over the fallen leaves in the grass, and loads her little red wagon with sticky pine cones.

Her blue eyes light up when a flock of geese fly overhead, and I'm glad she's learning to enjoy nature- even though I see she has lots to learn, as she waves up at them and yells "Spiders!" (That's her name for any insect she sees, I guess maybe from a distance…? Nope, I'm still not seeing it…

There's much more I could say… but I've gotten so long-winded already. I'm going to let you have a turn.

What do you love about fall? Or what is something you don't love about it? Maybe another season is your favorite? I love hearing from you in the comments. Perhaps you will convince me that winter is great! Good luck with that; Mom has tried for 26 years. 😉

(I will say this, winter is looking a lot more exciting than usual this year, with Baby #2 due to arrive just one day after Christmas. I can't believe how time has flown, but we're counting down! Just a little over 8 weeks left! And so much to do 'til then!

Maybe in November, my days will get long and boring, and I'll find time to write again. 'Til then, I'm cherishing my few spare moments and letting them be just that. Spare moments.

Happy Fall! God bless you all!

12 thoughts on “Joys of Fall

  1. Love it! I agree with everything, except I’m one of those pumpkin spice people πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ˜† Also… Great minds must think alike… I was going to write this exact same post today! πŸ˜„πŸ˜„


  2. Jeanette, I love how melancholy you are on the one hand! But theirs a side to fall you have not contended with, obviously. Every fall I start getting this really sad feeling. I want to cry buckets of tears,then sit down and write a song that will make others cry! I think it’s the change from green to brown, a feeling of something being lost, and a sense of expectancy and excitement all bound up together. But . . . I do love candy corn! I buy some every year also but not for later. it doesn’t stay around. And I love soup! It’s just right all around. Happy Fall to you and yours, Nancy

    On Sat, Oct 28, 2017 at 1:00 AM, A Farm Wife’s Reflections wrote:

    > Jeanette posted: “What is fall? According to the dictionary, fall or > autumn is the season between summer and winter. But according to me, it’s > so much more than that! I wrote a list of things I love about fall but > there are so many! I would have you here reading for days i” >


    1. I’m sorry fall isn’t a happy time for you… I’m only about 3 minutes away if you ever need to get out of the house. (And I currently have both cider and candy corn. πŸ˜‰


  3. Hi There! Happy fall to you!!!😊 Was munching on homemade sweet potato chips as I read your post!πŸ˜‹(guess they would be a lil taste of fall) I enjoy your writing… keep em coming!!! Love to all, β™‘Annette


  4. Fall isn’t my favorite prob because what comes after it. I am a pumpkin spice fan but the cheerios didn’t make the favorite list. But now DQs pumpkin pie blizzard is wonderful! Crunchy sweet golden delicious apples are a favorite. And I’m one of those that enjoy squash. Butternut and spaghetti.☺


  5. I would have to agree with you that fall is absolutely wonderful! Definitely my favorite season! Clear blue skies, crisp clean air, bright colored leaves, garden cleared off, fodder shocks, pumpkins, apple cider and yes, Brachs corn candy!!!!;) I don’t eat much candy but they are irresistible! That’s a few of the things I enjoy about fall. P.S. If you get in my neighborhood, stop by for a cup of organic coffee and some corn candy made with real honey! I’ll treat you with a healthy snack! πŸ˜‰


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