Mom, Mittens, Memories and More

I mentioned in my last post, another important day in May that I didn’t have room to cover. I’m sure you have guessed that day is Mother’s Day. It’s coming up on Sunday, so today I’m here to talk about my Mom, and why I’m so blessed to have her as my mother.

My Mom is one of those people that everyone likes. I’m always getting comments from my friends, like: “Your mom is so sweet!” Or, “We so appreciate your mom, and how willing she is to help with church projects, etc.”

Besides helping out out with sewing circle, and other church work, she and Daddy are youth sponsors, which keeps them quite busy. She also has 5 children and 8 grandchildren, so no matter where she turns, there is no shortage of things to do. 

Growing up I remember Mom being busy, but not too busy to take time for us. She always liked traditions, and one of my favorites was that she almost always made Russian tea on snow days. We would sit around the table, all warm and cozy, and sip the pure deliciousness from our mugs. I hope to make that a tradition in our home, too, when I have older children.

*Side note: we have a Russian friend who isn’t sure what is so Russian about “Russian tea” but that’s what the recipe is called, so that’s what we call it! And it’s delicious!

More traditions… On long winter evenings, you could often find Mom reading to us as a family, I remember her reading Lewis B. Miller books, The Little House Series, and classics like Little Women, A Little Princess and Eight Cousins.

A summer tradition in my family, is to spend as many Sunday afternoons as possible at our family’s cabin. We all bring some food, and we sit around the fire and have the best time. A highlight, almost every time, is Mom’s strawberry lemonade. Cool, sweet, refreshing, perfect… if for some reason she doesn’t bring it, there are some disappointed faces, and not just on the little people. πŸ™‚

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a tradition or not, but Mom would sometimes make us a big apple pie in a cast iron skillet. Her mom had made them when she was at home, and they called it “family pie.” I don’t think it is my imagination; they truly were the best apple pies I ever ate. When Mom made family pie, she had a happy hubby and 5 happy children! Maybe the name is short for “Happy Family Pie.” πŸ™‚

Mom is talented in many areas, she has the gift of painting, and she also has experience in piecing quilts, rug weaving and basket weaving. When she and Daddy were at the stage where she needed to help with the income, Mom put those talants to good use. I remember once a customer had her to weave a body for a sleigh. It was like a huge basket, but with a seat inside and runners underneath.

Now Mom is so busy, with my little brother’s wedding coming up this fall, and the responsibilities of being a farm wife and Granny of 8, but I hope someday she will have time to use her talents, or develop more- simply because she wants to, as a hobby.

Mom loves to knit, and last fall/winter, her grandchildren watched with interest, as Mom knitted away on pair after pair of child-sized mittens. Granny smiled as she knitted, and talked about how there are little homeless children who probably need mittens; but she was unable to hide her amusement when one little tot piped up and said, “You should just give them to us, Granny. These here are just my size!” (As he pulled on the red pair, intended for his younger cousin.)

Then one day, Granny called all 8 of them together, and presented each one with their mittens. I’m not sure how surprised they were, but they surely were pleased! 

You can imagine that the grandchildren adore their Granny, and the feeling is completely mutual. They know, if they flock around her after lunch, with innocent little faces- (no reason, we are just hanging around giving you puppy eyes for fun!) that she will disappear into the pantry and return with fruit gummies.

So hang around they do, and are rarely disappointed. There may or may not be an adult or two who is guilty of the same thing, we’re just not so obvious about it. πŸ™‚

I could write much more about Mom, but I’m sure she would like me to stop now. Right, Mom?

But first I want to thank you for being my Mom, and for helping to raise us up to follow Jesus. Thank you for loving us, and taking such good care of us. For all the big and small things you do, that I have failed to mention, thank you, Mom.

And thanks most of all for not putting me up for adoption as a teenager. πŸ˜‰I know I gave you grounds for consideration, but I also know you didn’t once consider it… (at least not seriously, haha!)

Thank you.

I also want to take a minute to recognize another “Mom” in my life. My sweet, amazing mother in law. If I had custom-ordered my mother-in-law, I’m certain I could never have found one whose personality suits mine better. She is more like a sister to me and I’m so thankful God brought her into my life.

Here is a little something I recently wrote for her. I don’t know what to call it… not really a poem… we will call it very poorly executed free verse. πŸ™‚

To “Mom”

-from your point of view-
just did what you had to do.
You never knew
that what you did would change my life

You bore a son.
You taught him right from wrong
raised him to be a man-
A good man- strong and bold,
heart of pure gold-
truly his mother’s son.

You held him tight and loved him
-but in the end,
you let him go. And gave to me
two treasures: you and he.
He- my heart’s true love,
You- a dearest friend.

It’s a bond that doesn’t happen
each time love comes along.
Your kind’s unheard of,
a dream, not often true.
Mother-in-law? No thank you-
“Mom” will do.

And to you other “Moms” in my life, you know who you are- the mothers of my closest friends, a Happy Mothers Day to you all too!

Have a good weekend, God bless!

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