On Daisies and Life…

I love daisies. In their simple way, somehow to me they are the sweetest flower God made. I chose them for our wedding flowers and I thought they were perfect. Simple, yet elegant.

My love for daisies makes me look for them everywhere. I notice them smiling from among the roses in the supermarket cut  flower displays. I see them in the cow pasture, peeking thru the green grass, reminding me of the bluegrass song, Walk Slow, (“there are daisies in the grass.”)

Yes, the world is full of daisies if you are looking for them, and most of the time, I am. From yard sales to antique stores, I have collected an assortment of daisy knick-knacks and I have them arranged in a cheerful display by my kitchen window… my husband calls it my “shrine to the daisy”, but it makes me happy!  All my kitchen needs yet is one of those wooden plaques that says “I will go pick daisies and have a happy heart.”

Most of us are familiar with the little game (of French origin) where one seeks to determine whether or not another loves them, by repeating “he loves me; he loves me not” while pulling off the petals of a daisy. Whatever is said while pulling off the last petal is supposed to determine the sentiments of the one in question. This is obviously a silly game (and the results undependable;) so don’t count on it for direction in life 🙂

I have thought many times that a poem could be written based on this daisy game. I may have even tried to come up with one, but it just didn’t come together for me until recently when I was asked to make a scrapbook page for a friend- (well, really someone I barely know,) but a sister in the Lord,  who at the age of 25 has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. One can’t begin to imagine what that must be like… of course I’ll make a page, it’s the least I can do.

As I pondered what to put on the page, I thought, “daisies would be cheery!” Then, as I thought a bit more, the sketch of a poem just formed itself in my head!  I sat down to rock my baby, and as I did, I polished it up a bit to help it flow more smoothly , but I feel like God just gave this poem to me. All I had to do was pick it up and arrange the words, like so many daisies in a bouquet…

I will just share it here, in case someone else is going through hard times also. I give God all the credit for this, so if you are blessed, praise Him.


He Loves Me? He Loves Me Not?


He loves me?

Is this the way He’d choose?

Is this the plan He’d use?

To shatter all my dreams can be His will?

Is this the way it feels- to know He loves me?


He loves me not?

Then what about the cross?

His own dear Life it cost,

To give me life eternal, grace so free,

Why would He give me these-unless He loves me?


He loves me!

I cannot understand

The path that He has planned.

My life, I place completely in His hands.

I know He’ll carry me- because He loves me!


My friends, this life gets rough sometimes. The storms come and it’s hard to see the good in a situation, or what blessing could possibly come out of it. But God is in that storm! His plan will someday make sense to us.

I feel like my own life is so blessed, and I feel angry sometimes that others must endure so much and I’m helpless to do anything about it. But truly I’m not helpless. I can share love and cheer with hurting people; I can bring them daisy bouquets, and even more importantly, I can pray!

Let us pray for each other… and until next time, let’s remember that if we spend too much time eyeing the storm clouds, we may miss seeing the daisies.

3 thoughts on “On Daisies and Life…

  1. Love this and daisies, although tulips more. The poem is lovely, and I can relate with words simply coming, because they are Given. Keep listening. 🙂


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