Life Update/ Random Rambling

Hi Everyone,

I guess it’s been awhile since I have written anything. Well, I’ve written some, but haven’t finished anything. But I wanted to just give you all a life update of sorts, and maybe explain my absence.

First of all, it’s the holiday season. This time of year, dull moments are rare to nonexistent. There are cookies to bake, cards to mail, and people to see.

And as if I didn’t have enough to do, I had the brilliant idea that I would take some orders for custom holiday baking. 🤔 My in-laws and some of our elderly friends were happy to support this idea, so now I have orders galore. I’m excited about this, and the potential extra cash that it promises; but it doesn’t help with the busy-ness factor.

Neither does the fact that Oliver is teething and grouchy as can be. Some days he is sweet and fun, other days he is miserable and will only stop crying if Mommy is holding him. He’s super cuddly , and holding him is pure joy, but not conducive to writing. 🙂

His sister is getting so big, and now she’s in the stage of wanting to help with everything I do, but not quite old enough to really be helpful. Washing dishes takes twice as long, when her little pudgy hands are removing clean dishes from the drainer and plopping them back into the sudsy water. I’m glad she wants to help, though, and on a more positive note, she’s getting good at vacuuming.

Most of you know we are farmers, my husband and I. Usually we love it, but recently, neither of us are having much success in our respective departments.

His cows picked up some sort of horrible anemia-causing parasites from who-knows-where, which has resulted in the loss of calf after calf.

Bless his dear animal-loving heart, he is such a true farmer. He takes the skin off those little dead calves, ties it fast to a new calf and turns it in with the mama cow. It’s amazing, almost every time, the mama cow thinks it is her baby, and after sniffing it all over, immediately allows it to nurse, and adopts its as her own. (He’s getting really good at doing this, he’s only had to do it like 10 times this year…)

Meanwhile, back here at the farm, I am having turkey struggles. The company we grow for, kindly brought me moldy feed. My turkeys don’t love moldy feed. In fact, they would rather eat their bedding. So they do eat their bedding. And then they die. By the hundreds.

When I’m picking them up by the wheelbarrow load, I console myself with the fact that at least it’s not negligence on my part. Passing the blame doesn’t really change anything, but it helps a little. Enough about our farming problems. We are doing what we love, and truly we’re blessed beyond measure.

One of the blessings I am increasingly thankful for is the blessing of family. We butchered pigs with my family last week, and it’s just so wonderful to be with the people you love. The day flew by, but the end results, we will enjoy all year. Fresh ham, bacon and sausage for the winter. Yum.

Speaking of family, I recently had the privilege of spending time with this girl. She has been a dear friend of mine, ever since I showed up at her church that first Sunday, 8 years ago. Much has changed since then, including her geographical location, but our friendship remains, so goofy at times, but still strong and deep. Sharon, I miss you and think of you so much.

Here we are , way back in the day. 🙈

And here we are now.

Aside from not having much time to write, these days, I have had almost no inspiration to write. No good ideas for poems, nothing. If you have any inspiration for me, by all means leave it in the comments! No promises, but I will definitely consider suggestions.

Have a good week! Or month, or possibly months, til next time!

bonus picture: this guy is my favorite. ❤️

2 thoughts on “Life Update/ Random Rambling

  1. Bless your hearts, your farming stories sound challenging to say the least!😢 Hopefully things will turn around soon!! Enjoyed reading your stories, as always 😉


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