Busy Times

Hi there! You will likely notice my posts becoming fewer and farther between, (and probably shorter) as the summer goes on.

For one thing, I am no longer babysitting the little guy I used to keep. Secondly, the older Anna Grace gets, the less she needs to be held and rocked, etc. Most of my writing gets done with a baby in my arms, and since Baby is suddenly on her feet, on the couch, on top of the table- (anywhere but in my arms) -I’m finding I have almost no time to write these days. 

Add to that, the fact that Hubby has started a new business venture that is keeping him more occupied, leaving me with a bit more responsibilty on the farm, and… well I think you should be able to get an idea of why my current schedule leaves little room for writing. 🙂

I know all things must come to an end, though, so I’m writing when I find a spare minute or two, and trying to enjoy this stage of craziness, knowing it won’t last forever- and who knows? Maybe I’ll look back and say these were the good old days!

For now, remember to cherish the stage you are in and have a blessed weekend!

6 thoughts on “Busy Times

  1. So what kind of writing do you do besides blogging? Do you ever write poetry? Is fiction your thing? Nonfiction? Have you ever written a devotional or anything like that? I’d love to swap writing sometime if you are interested. I’m a writer, but I too have to find time to do it in the midst of household responsibilities. I am not on a farm though, so I probably have more free time than you do. A farm must be a lot of work.

    Gorgeous little one!




    1. Mostly blogging. I do write poetry, mostly rhyming poetry but I have dabbled a little in free verse. (example in the post titled “Mom, mittens, memories and more”) I’m not very good at it and much prefer writing rhythmic, rhyming poems:)


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