Birthday Time

Today, April 22, 2017, is the one year anniversary of the third best thing that ever happened to me. First being Jesus, second: Cory, and third, our sweet Anna Grace.

(Or maybe she and Cory could share second place?)

Well, anyway, she turned one year old today. And Mommy ate some words. 

These words, specifically: “What is it with these parents having birthday parties for their one year old babies? It’s not even practical… Anybody knows a party for a one year old is just a party for the parents… I’m certainly not going to waste my time having a party for someone who will never remember it! What’s the point?” Etc, etc, you get the idea.

I was pretty opinionated about this matter; but then I became the Mommy who suddenly has a one year old…

Well, I guess I’m not so practical after all. And “the point” is this: when the one year old is yours, it all looks different. A party for one year old is pure fun! I’m no photographer but here is a peek. 

Mommy burned the pizza rolls but otherwise the party went well…

Anna Grace had a great time with her grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, and you can see they spoiled her. She loved opening her presents.

No birthday party is complete without cake, but the birthday girl wasn’t sure what to think of it at first. 

… she didn’t take much convincing, though…

Judging from her face, the cake must have tasted good, (and -note from Mommy: even the eaten words weren’t all that bad.) 

If in doubt, definitely have a birthday party for your one year old. It’s completely worth your time. They may not remember it; but just take lots of pictures that they can appreciate later! 🙂

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl! 

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